Cute and Beautiful Emoticon Icon Pack

The word emoticon is a combination of the words emotion and icon. Also known as smileys. Emoticons are symbols that people sometimes use in e-mails and chat rooms to express what mood a person is in.

Here are some of the best Emoticon icons i stumbled on the net.

The Blacy | Download
The Blacy show the world's worst smiles to you

THE 2S SPACE Emoticons | Downloads
20 Emoticons in PNG, ICO and GIF format

POPO Emotions Full Version | Download
POPO emotions + addon (ico and png files) version icon pack.

Very Emotional Emoticons | Download
40 PNG smileys pack comes with 128 x 128, 64 x 64 and 32 x 32 size.

Cutest Panda Emoticon | Download
The cutest Panda Emoticons in the world
Vista Style Emoticons Icons | Download
Vista Style Emoticons Icons Demo Contain only 9 icons while the whole set contain 40 icons which can be purchased here

Anime/Manga Emoticons | Download
This kind of expressions are quite useful in Japanese manga.
Onion Heads | Download
Pack of 54 funny animated anime guys, drawn by Onion Club.

2s-Space Emoticons v2 | Download
Contain PNG files with 256x256px size
Emoticons | Download
Emoticons Icon Pack comes with a 25x25px,  50x50px and 100x100px gif

Emix Emoticons Pack | Download
12 emoticon with 100x100px size

Yolks | Download
Emoticons pack contain 40 icons with random expressions and characters.

xD what is your mood today | Download

Emoji | Download
Zip-File contains 18 PNG Files with 200x200px size and 100x100px size
Babydot Emoticons | Download
Contain 46 Gif icon files
Snooker Balls | Download
These snooker ball icons look like they’ve been trough hell! The poor guys look all tired and battered! Contain 8 PNG snooker emoticon balls
iChat Emoticons | Download
Contain 14 iChat Styled Emoticons

Manto | Download
20 cute emotion icons from a Chinese designer called Manto.

Jake Simms
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